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Modal window
You have at your disposal a jQuery script to display modal windows like the one you are reading.
The implementation is simple :
  • write the link :
    <a class="gypoplight" href="#?w=560&amp;rel=popup1&amp;btn=Close&amp;msk=msk=skins/skin5_guppy2015/">The link text</a>
    w=500 indicates the width of the window
    rel=popup1 popup1 is the name of the id of the div container
    btn=Close contains the text of the tooltips button closure

    msk=msk=skins/skin5_02/ indicates the skin directory for the button image
  • write the content in a layer with the appropriate classes :
    <div class="gypopup_block" id="popup1">  .... The content to display ... </div>
You can include any type of content, text and images.
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rss This article is available in the standard RSS format for publication on your website :

Running Guppy means that your browser can manage style sheets CSS and HTML language in version 5 .

GuppY shows smoothly with FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge all recent browsers.

It has been tested with these browsers, but your feedback with other borwsers will be welcome.

- Files upload

Some hosters restrain the upload function HTTP. Function "Files" in admin will then be restrained, say at 2Mo. In that case, your favourite FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software will do the job.

- Content sharing between sites in RSS format

Some web hosts limit the PHP include() function to access only internal files, not files from another website.
In that case, the news sharing module between sites in RSS format will not work.

- How to access the mobile version of GuppY ?

If your site is accessed this way: (for example), then the mobile version (which is a lightened version of GuppY aimed for smartphone users and blind people) is easily and automatically accessed this way: Just put a link in your web site for telling your mobile visitors how to access it.


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You are here :   Home » Technical notices
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