Sentence to think about :   Don't forget to install an htaccess to protect the access to the admin zone of GuppY.   
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  • Preamble
  • Introduction
  • Setup
  • Upgrade
  • Configuration
  • Skins
  • Notes
  • License
  • Join us
  • Scripts
  • Thanks


Welcome to version 5.02.XX of GuppY, the easy web portal  database free.

Version 5.02.XX of GuppY is not just a plain evolution but a full-fledged revolution for this major new version brings quite a lot of new features in all respects.

Must have additionnal documents to this readme file:

  1. GuppY Help Centre gatjers together online help, FAQ and tutorials, don't hesitate to refer to it!
  2. Online help: in every section of admin, you can see in the top right hand-side corner, an icon (interrogation mark). The help text of the section will show at a click of this icon. If you wish, you may integrate this help into your site.
  3. The FAQ will deal with very common questions to give some simple explanations.
  4. In other cases, you will be guided by a tutorial through the steps to take.

Please read CAREFULLY  all instructions material provided before you ask a question on the GuppY forum available on Guppy site (

Why is this so? Simply because more than 90% of questions asked on GuppY forum have been answered in the help texts. And please, before you post your question on the forum, don't forget to check whether it has not already been dealt with.

All technical questions should be posted exclusively on the forum.
This has the advantage of allowing the whole community of GuppY users to share in your question and make the most of given answers.

As far as thanks and other nice comments are concerned, think of the Guest book on freeGuppY website ... Thank you so much!

Eventually, if you do need to write us for some other reason than technical, please use the email addresse guppy[at] which is available to all GuppY Team staff.

Enjoy your reading!

GuppY Team


Version 5.02.XX of GuppY has been stuffed with loads of new features and improvements to provide as many services as possible.

GuppY 5.02.XX can be installed on all hosters systems (or nearly). The only constraint is about your hoster providing service of script language PHP. GuppY will run under PHP 5.4 at the minimum.

No need to be a geek at HTML, or at configuration of MySQL databases, or PHP, because GuppY comes with a full-fledged  secured administration interface to manage design and contents of every particular section of your site.

GuppY offer the whole array of usual features in a modern web portal:

  - news
  - articles
  - blog
  - links directory
  - downloas section
  - photos slideshow
  - guest book
  - forum
  - FAQ
  - poll
  -  visits counter
  - clicks and download counters
  - newsletter
  - administration area
  - optionalmember area, private groups
  - url rewriting
  - ... and so much more.

GuppY brings an ORIGINAL management with big added value: besides being natively MULTILINGUAL, it allows you to set up a dual language display, so that your site is BILINGUAL- i.e you may choose to display your site in two languages, but Guppy will not do the translation job for you.


First setup (demo base)

Let's give some hints about how to prepare a GuppY website with demonstration content, to do some testing:

  1.  Download file ( to your computer.
  2.  Unzip the file with your favourite archive software (7zip, winzip, built-in archive...) into a directory on your computer.
  3. BRAVO, GuppY is ready for setup!
  4. GuppY CANNOT be run properly below PHP 5.4 at the minimum .
  5. If you fancy trying GuppY on your computer before you go on line, just install a local web server (e.g. a "package" like EasyPHP - on your computer and copy content of previous directory into data/localweb directory of EasyPHP, then launch EasyPHP... and your website will run locally on your computer. 
    It's as simple as that!
  6. If you'd rather install your site straight onto an online hosting, then upload all unzipped files to FTP space of your site, using a simple free FTP software (FileZilla, FireFtp (module pour FireFox),etc.).
    And you're done; now you only need to type your site URL into the address barof your borwser and you'll get straight on your website online.

Congratulations, You have successfully installed GuppY!

Important note:

If you do not plan to prepare a new clean database, please delete the install/ directory now.
Otherwise anybody could run it on your website and delete all the contents!

You just cannot do easier than that !



The clean setup is meant to erase the demo content and start with a brand new empty GuppY site if you fancy doing so. The starting point for this clean install is anywhere between the first install and anything you did with the content that you may have modified at that time.

Must know:

It will erase all of the content but keep the current parameters made in the different "Config something" admin areas.

Click "Admin" in the horizontal,menu then "Install" in yellow; then top left hand-side of the management, choose "Clean install"  and follow instructions .

Congratulations, your website is now ready to be rub with an empty database; you can add your own contents!

A popup window shows on getting to the Management page: it means GuppY has detected "install" directory 's still there.

Just click the "trash bin" icon to launch deleting operation of "install" directory; just follow the instructions showing.

Important notice:

  1. - Make sure that all the files in the install/ directory were deleted. Otherwise anybody could run it on your web site and delete all the content on your web site!
  2. - If you cannot see the install/ directory anymore, then it means that everything is fine. The same conclusion applies if the install/ directory still exists but is empty (you should then delete it by FTP, as your web host does not allow its deletion with PHP).


You now have a running GuppY but you feel like upgrading it. What you must understand in the first place is how the different versions of GuppY have been named.

A Guppy version is identified by five numbers, e.g. 5.02.XX The first two digits indicate the main version of Guppy whereas the third one is the corrective patch number of the main version.

In 5.01.07, main version is 5.01 and this version holds 07 corrections of the main version.

When upgrading, you will have to make a choice: either your Guppy is already running on the last version available, or it is a previous version. In the former case, you have to add a patch to your running GuppY, and in the latter, you'll have to migrate from the old version of GuppY to the latest one.

Upgrade from the same main version (applying the latest patch)

Your GuppY is already in the 5.01.xx version  and you want to upgrade. To achieve this, you can download patches on Freeguppy. ( And again there are two cases: either your Guppy is in the previous version (for instance 5.01.06 to be upgraded to 5.01.07), or it is in an older version (5.01.xx or 5.00.XX).
  • In the 1st case, you will use the non cumulative patch 5.01.07, which allows upgrading from version 5.01.06 to version 5.01.07
  • In the second case, you will use the cumulative patch 5.01.07 which includes all corrections from version 5.0.1 up tu version 5.01.07. It allows upgrading from any intermediate version to 5.01.XX version.

Installation with Installer

Once relevant zip archive of the patch has been downloaded, go to Admin, then general Management and Install.

Click  "Browse" to choose zip archive, another click to lozd the file and a last one to install.

And you're done; tour site has been patched in the latest version of GuppY.

Attention: if your hoster restrains upload_max_filesize function to 2M for instance, you might not being able to use function "Install"  zip archivesexceeding 2Mo.

You will then have to ask your hoster to increase it up to 10M for instance. With Free, which still restrains at 2M, your request will probably be ignored.

Upgrade from a previous main version (migration)

Important : the migration script is intended for websites running with version 4.6.28 of GuppY.

The evolution of version 5 is so substantial that it was not possible to provide a migration from older versions .

If your website runs on an older version of GuppY, you will have to first migrate to 4.6.28 before doing it to 5.02.XX.

Migration to version 5.02.XX from a version 4.6.x


  • You are in version 4.6 of GuppY and you check that if you had renamed some files, you renamed them back as the original ones.
    To do so, go to admin/services config. In Anti-Spam, you empty the fileds showing names of renames files and you save leaving boxes empty. You can check: GuppY has changed back to original names.
  • You have downloaded the full GuppY 5.02.XX package.
  • Minimal PHP Version to run version 5.01.XX of GuppY is version 5.4 .

Migration process:

  1. Run a "DB integrity check". Make sure it finds no error or run it again.
  2. Important!  Change your login password and admin if they contain less than 5 characters.
  3. Back up all of your web site in 4.6 before going ahead with the next step.
  4. Store a copy of this backup in a new folder on your hard drive, or even better, on another drive.
  5. Delete the content of the plugins directory of the 4.6, because the plugins are not compatible with version 5, but please, make sure you do not touch the directory data/plugins.
  6. Drag and drop contents of GuppY 5.02.XX package at the root of the 4.6.x site to be migrated,  with the exception of the .htaccess file.
  7. Get connected to site for display.
  8. When showing, go straight to Admin, then Configurations and General Config to set up the site, particularly the url. GuppY will suggest it: it will added at a a click on the arrow.
    Don't forget to click "Save"
  9. Launch install by clicking yellow button "Install" top left of Admin page.
  10. Choose migration and  click "Let's go!".
  11. No ambiguity on this new page, answer the question by click the appropriate button.
  12. In the 2 next steps,  click the button "Lets'go!".
    Note you may click "No" on these two steps, which will send you back to step 09.
  13. Follow instructions and let migration run automatically.
    Attention: depending on the volume of data, the process may be long! 
    A la fin, les dossiers et fichiers inutiles seront effacés .
  14. When GuppY tells you that migration is done, accept proposition to delete "Install" directory not to forget it afterwards;  click "Next" then twice "Let's go!" .
    Eventually, you will see the homepage of your site with skin "no_skin".
  15. Connect as administrator, change password and check site configuration.

That's all.  Your site has been migrated to version 5.02.XX of GuppY !!!

Now you can go through full configuration of your site, change skin, and reorganise you site if needed.

Important notices:

  • Once you have finished migrating, make sure that all the files in the install/directory were deleted. Otherwise anybody could run it on your web site and delete all the content on your web site!
  •  If you cannot see the install/ directory anymore, then it means that everything is fine. The same conclusion applies if the install/ directory still exists but is empty (you should the delete it by FTP, as your webhost does not allow its deletion with PHP).

    After the migration, the admin password is reset to "pass". Don't forget to change it.


Configurating your website:

  1. Begin with registering as member on your own website ("Préférences box","Become a member").
  2. Click the Admin icon in the top bar, on the right handside.
  3. A prompt for a password will show. Key in "pass" (without the quote marks). You will then be wise to hurry up changing this default password on the administration menu !

   - First compulsory step:

   In "Generalitiess", Click the "password" icon to change it.

   Note: You can set tagain the password at "pass" at any time ; just reload original file admin/mdp.php  by FTP.

   - Second compulsory step:

 Click "Configurations, then"General Config" icon to check that the boxes "Site's URL :" and "Meta Identifier URL :" are properly filled in with the EXACT address of the site (ex: )

In case of doubt, the following method will automatically fill in the two boxes:

  •  Go to the General Config page.
  •  Empty both boxes "URL of the site" and "Meta Identifier-url".
  • Save the configuration.

GuppY will then fill in the two boxes with the right address.

  •  Save this configuration with the two properly filled in boxes.

Management of your site

 When you're done with general configuration and changing password, you can see the seven sections of the dropdown menu on the administration page.

When hovering mouse pointer, each section will open and the icns of this section show.

 The whole management of your site is grouped together in these sections.

 You will find all needed explanations in the Guppt Help Centre, all pieces of advice and tips to help you customise your site.

Note : In GuppY 5.02, the management page is entirely independant from the other pages.

Managing the contents of your site:

GuppY works thanks to the latest web technologies.

To understand how it works, let's go back to the way a traditional web page is created. In a classical web page, you input some text in the middle of which you insert some HTML (acronym of Hyper Text Markup Language) tags that tell to the web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer for example) how to place and format the different components (text, images, links...) in the page.

You then need to manually link the different pages between them using the HTML linking tag. And, each time you want to change the look & feel of your web site, you have to work back on all pages... This is a heavy and tedious job, and you easily come to spend more time managing the formatting of your pages than their content !

Now there are full web programming languages that allow you to manage the Internet content like any software that runs on your PC. GuppY uses the most used of them being PHP (which stands for Hypertext PreProcessor).

GuppY utilise le langage de programmation le plus répandu, à savoir le PHP (qui signifie Hypertext PreProcessor). The principle of GuppY is the following one : the content (which is stocked in a little "textfile" database) is separated from the formating (which is managed by the PHP scripts that make GuppY)

The principle of GuppY is the following one : the content (which is stocked in a little "textfile" database) is separated from the formating (which is managed by the PHP scripts that make GuppY)

And, we then get what is called a CMS (abbreviation of Content Management System). So that eventually, you only have to input the information in the appropriated areas (articles, news, etc...) using an administration interface (which you reach through the Admin icon at the top right corner of the screen) and GuppY takes care of the management and the formatting of this information according to the clicks of your web site's visitors.

As HTML tagging is allowed, you can use all HTML tags that you want (IMG, A, B, I, U, etc...) in articles, news, links, etc. Check and make sure each time that these tags don't prevent your website to display correctly. By the way, your site will be beautiful too even if you don't use HTML tags.

Note : Visitors to your site can themselves post news, messages in the guestbook or in the forum. The use of HTML tags has been slightly restricted for them, in order to avoid any interference with your site's smooth display, but a tiny editor helps them use most usual tags.

You have 5 available directories to store specific objects (through the use of the Files icon):

  • file: to store downloadable files. You will then refer to these files with the use of the
    following HTML tag: [A HREF="file/fichier.ext"]texte[/A] (replacing the [ and ] by < and >).- /img: to store background images, your logo and all images which will make your site attractive. You will then refer to an image with the following HTML tag: [IMG SRC="img/image.ext"] (replacing the [ and ] by < and >)
  • photo: to store the photos for your diaporama.This serve must be activated n admin/config services. Then in admin/photo, you can easily add photos on the server. The diaporama will automatically detect the images that are stored in this directory and will show them.
  • pages: to store specific HTML or PHP pages. You will then refer to these files with the use of the following HTML tag : [A HREF="pages/page.ext"]texte[/A](replacing the [ and ] by < and >).

    Another important directory managing the look of your pages has been added: it is /skin. In that directory you put the skins of your site.

Templates, skins

Templates possibilities have actually been really improved in this version5.0. Full customisation is possible depending on how well you can deal with cascading style sheets (CSS.

Some more useful information :

  • The directory "skins" sits at the root of the site.
  • Boxes position can be defined at your will, for one or several skins simply by copying the boxes configuration for the selected skins.
  • You can choose a main page configuration and a configuration for secundary pages.
  • Each skin consists in several style sheets CSS, jqstyle for jQuery, mobstyle for mobiles, tabstyle for pads and style.css.

The different configuration sections of the layout of your site have been gathered in an admin/Configurations area.

The first icon, Themes Config , allows to specify the general designs of the site (default skin, smileys, avatars et general design theme) and themes specific to the selected skin (icons, counters).

Look Config allows to modify colours and designs of the current skin  or any other standard skin!
Don't forget to generate the style sheet of your skin in Style Config. It is a "generic" style sheet that you can completely customize by adding a styleplus.css in Style Config. If there is styleplus.css file will be automatically loaded to view your personal modifications..

Do not make manual corrections in style.css, remember that they will be lost if you refresh the style again by the automatic procedure. You must book your manual corrections styleplus file to keep them even if you generate new style.css. It may be necessary to refresh the page to see the result.

If you want to use the skin no_skin, you have to make firts a copy of it and name it as you like.
Then you can change colours and design as you can do for the skin no-skin.
This change has been made to keep originla state of the skin no-skin so that it can still  show in case of crash when adding a new skin.

Some skins will not allow configuring colours and design, when their designers use advanced parameters or don't feel like letting the harmony of their work broken.

Style Config allows though to modify manually the style of the latter (like for all others de toutes les autres) at your own risks because it entails substantial knowledge of CSS language.

If your change won't be saved, it means you need to change permissions (chmod = change mode) in ans style sheets.

The administration page is totally independant and is managed by the skins of the skins directory.

You will get more explanations about style sheets of GuppY in the tutorial about the skins of the v5.02.XX.



- Internal operation

Let's say it one more time, GuppY does not require the use of a database like MySQL. This provides a great flexibility and many advantages :

  • Almost all Internet hosts can be chosen (they just need to offer the PHP scripting language in which GuppY is written).
  • There is no need for a very sophisticated knowledge in installing a database (please refer to the very simple installation procedure of GuppY).- The display of pages is highly accelerated as the database management is usually the bottle neck of the Internet hosts.
  • The information managed by GuppY are stored in text files (with a .dtb format) or PHP files (with a .inc format) in the data/ directory.

Running Guppy means that your browser can manage style sheets CSS and HTML language in version 5 .
GuppY shows smoothly with FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge all recent browsers.

It has been tested with these browsers, but your feedback with other borwsers will be welcome.

- Filed upload

Some hosters restrain the upload function HTTP. Function "Files" in admin will then be restrained, say at 2Mo. In that case, your favourite FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software will do the job.

- Content sharing between sites in RSS format

  • Some web hosts limit the PHP include() function to access only internal files, not files from another website.

In that case, the news sharing module between sites in RSS format will not work.

- How to access the mobile version of GuppY ?

If your site is accessed this way: (for example), then the mobile version (which is a lightened version of GuppY aimed for smartphone users and blind people) is easily and automatically accessed this way: Just put a link in your web site for telling your mobile visitors how to access it.


GuppY is protected and distributed freely under the terms of the free CeCILL license (see pages/copyright-en.txt file). It means that you can use this script for free, modify it for your own use. If you distribute a modified version of it, this modified version has to comply to the CeCILL license as well.  Please follow our recommendations about copyright concerning version 5 and following.

 *   About GuppY
 *   GuppY PHP Script - version 5.02
 *   CeCILL Copyright (C) 2004-2017 by Laurent Duveau
 *   Initiated by Laurent Duveau and Nicolas Alves
 *   Web site =
 *   e-mail   = guppy[at]
 *   V5 developed by Lud Bienaimé
 *      with the participation of Jean-Michel Misrachi and the GuppY Team
 *   Version History :
 * v5.0.0 (February 15, 2014) : initial release.

- Logos Powered by GuppY andFree CeCILL License that come with GuppY packages and patches are compulsory at the bottom of each page of Guppy sites.

They musn't be hidden in any way (CSS, images, videos, code modification, logosin matching or others).
The only permission is granted to modify the shapes and colours of these logos to match at best with the graphic charter of the concerned  site, taking care not to make them little or not visible.

- The logo Powered by GuppY shall take through the associated link to the url
- Le logo CeCILL Free License shall take through the associated link to the url

- The plugins, forks and skins must include files headings under CeCILL license and complying with its rules.
An exception is made for the author who does not submit his work to any license. In that case, the author's right and intellectual property will applyle.

- Translations oh language files or others shall be under original CECCILL License.

- Translations of the FAQ and various ddocumentations must also with no exceptioe under original CECCILL License.

- Toute borrowing of article, news, post, FAQ, documentations post on the forum of or the satellite sites under controll of the GuppYTeam and the Asso freeGuppY shall include a quotation of its source with a direct link to the original.



Will you joins us?

We appreciate your support

All members of the GuppY Team are volunteers; they are involved in development, follwing-up, updates of the sites on their spare time and nights according to their possibilities.

We thank you very much to keep this in mind when posting your comments..

If you like GuppY and you wish to help us promote and develop it, you are very welcome.

If you like GuppY, you can indeed do a lot and distribute skins, plugins, forks and contribute to promoting GuppY by referencing it on specialised sites and directories.

You've been participating in the project for a while, and wish to get involved further, then please contact us!
You application will be put to the vote of the Team, and the majority will decide your coming in or not.

Here are a few ideas to improve it and for which your help will be more than welcome (there are improvements for all kinds of good willing people):

  • - French / English translators for helping us to have the biligual content of the GuppY official website live
  • - Translators for all languages.
  • - Documentation writers
  • - Debugging, source code improvement
  • - New functionalities.
  • - Any idea you might have

If you would like to gert involved but not in the depths of the software?

The freeGuppY association keeps looking for members and volunteers to  take on all the tasks linked with GuppY, or plainly take a subscription or make a donation to the association.

Any amount will be very much appreciated; it's the gesture that counts



  • 15€ for individuals

  • 30€ associations

  • 45€ professionals.

To make a donation or pay your subscription, just type in the desired amount next to the Paypal button, then click this PayPal button (secured transaction) :

Amount of the donation or subscription in USD :  

Amount of the donation or subscription in EUR :  

For subscriptions, don't forget to fill in the form

To contact the asso freeGuppY, just go to this address :



Several scripts are being used in version 5 of GuppY, you will find the list below.

We do address all our thanks to their authors for their work and for choosing licencesallowing their scripts to be freely used.

  Copyright (c) 2003-2014, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
  For licensing, see LICENSE.html or

Color picker
  Author: Stefan Petre
  Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses

  (c) 2006-2007 Sylvain BRISON
  adaptation Lud Bienaimé pour GuppY 5
  Licence CeCILL modifiée => Voir fichier Licence_CeCILL_V2-fr.txt

  Contact: via support pages (also
  Authors: Andy Prevost (codeworxtech) codeworxtech[at]
                : Marcus Bointon (coolbru) coolbru[at]
  License: Distributed under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Lightbox v2.6
  by Lokesh Dhakar -
  Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License -
  - free for use in both personal and commercial projects
  - attribution requires leaving author name, author link, and the license info intact

Lytebox v5.5
  Author: Markus F. Hay
  Website:  (
  Date: January 26, 2012
  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (

Camera slideshow
  Author: Manuel Masia
  Licensed under the MIT license:

HTML Purifier
  Author: Edward Z. Yang
  License: Distributed under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

  Author: Ivan Sagalaev <>
  Modified by Lud Bienaimé (Saxbar) for GuppY v5.02.00+
  License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License



- The informal team :

aldweb -  (That's me!, from France), GuppY's creator and main developper.- e-mail : Web site :

JeandePeyrat - (The "Servers'servant!), GuppY Team administrator, president of the association freeGuppY, forum moderator, freeGuppY servers maintenance has no secrets for Jean.

Papinou  - (The "wizard of CSS"), GuppY Team administrator, Treasurer of the association freeGuppY, forum moderator, interested in everything concerning CSS style sheets and not bad at all at English!

Saxbar - (The "composer and musician" of php), Since August 2011 all GuppY versions rose from his keyboard, and this will not surprise you as computing, php and javascript writing and last but not least music are his passions

DJchouix - (The scientist), a great developper has been working noiselessy for so many years. He is the author of the new GuppY editors.

La Vache Qui Rêve - The dreaming cow! as she has named herself - But she is so much more feminine and subtle than that! - (GuppYed, tutos) - GuppYed administrator and tutorials specialist in addition to keeping our stable tidy.

Fred68 - (GuppYed, tutos) - GuppYed administrator and tutorials specialist, an excellent tutorial for CKEditor is one of his major works.

Sabine - our design fairy, will in a trice dress up a lovely layout for GuppY, made in Quebec. Check out tht tutorial skins 5.0.0!

Laroche - a GuppY geek who knows all subtleties and cogs on his fingertips, and not the least of squeak-killers!

jerlal - (GuppYLand) GuppYLand administrator, alpha versions beta-tester , or fierce squeak-buster ...

Distinctive thanks to our friends:

- Saxbar who, since August 2011, has carried out the developement of version 5 with persistence and panache, keeping on the lookout innovating solutions !

- JeanMi for his invaluable help, his advice, the accurate solutions he comes up with due to his perfect knowledge of GuppY!

- Sabine for her skins and her excellent tutorial, Lavachequireve, JeandePeyrat et Papinou for the realisation of the help system and Corrector for proof-reading and translation!

Thank you to all members of the GuppY Team, all the beta-testers, among which BTSCPIfr, dipisoft, equitathome, Ludo, Phil-ogm, Roule, rvknobzh

We very plainly say than you, for this gorgeous version 5 made available to Guppy users.

Many thanks to all those who submit improvement ideas,Many thanks to all those who post comment or send  warm encouragements.

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