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Modal window
You have at your disposal a jQuery script to display modal windows like the one you are reading.
The implementation is simple :
  • write the link :
    <a class="gypoplight" href="#?w=560&amp;rel=popup1&amp;btn=Close&amp;msk=msk=skins/skin5_guppy2015/">The link text</a>
    w=500 indicates the width of the window
    rel=popup1 popup1 is the name of the id of the div container
    btn=Close contains the text of the tooltips button closure

    msk=msk=skins/skin5_02/ indicates the skin directory for the button image
  • write the content in a layer with the appropriate classes :
    <div class="gypopup_block" id="popup1">  .... The content to display ... </div>
You can include any type of content, text and images.
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The purpose of this page is to show :

  1. the usefulness of secondary configurations page
  2. the inclusion of jQuery plugins in documents

1 . Configurations are established in secondary Config boxes.

Just add them to the list of available configurations, and configure locations as in the main configuration.
The usefulness of this extension is evident :

  • lighten up the columns of the main page
  • use in plugins

2 . Structure for the integration of jQuery plugins in documents is implemented by taking into account the following subdirectories inc/ :

  • csshead : contains css files needed by plugins
  • jshead : contains css files needed by plugins
  • jqhead : contains files script

Most jQuery plugins work this way: place the necessary files in the corresponding directories without forgetting the pictures and write the formatting in the editor, either in the free boxes or items concerned.


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  • You are in version 4.6 of GuppY and you check that if you had renamed some files, you renamed them back as the original ones.
    To do so, go to admin/services config. In Anti-Spam, you empty the fileds showing names of renames files and you save leaving boxes empty. You can check: GuppY has changed back to original names.
  • You have downloaded the full GuppY 5.02.XX package.
  • Minimal PHP Version to run version 5.02.XX of GuppY is version 5.4 .

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Unfold Close  General

Guppy Help Center will bring you to each item, answers, tips with screenshots for each step.

You can also find for each item online help by clicking on the "Question Mark" icon.
The most common issues are addressed in the FAQ.

CAREFULLY read the documentation before asking a question on the forums available on the website Guppy Guppy (

Choose the right forum to ask a question for version 5.01.XX must be posted on the v5 forum.
All technical questions should be exclusively on the forum.
This has the advantage that the entire user community Guppy enjoy your question and answers.

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